Southwest Shares Nuts of Knowledge

J0428670 Southwest Airlines continues to entertain and engage us in their three-ring circus! This time, the company has new tools and tricks up its sleeve — all in the world of social media.

In April of 2006, the company unveiled its corporate blog site Nuts About Southwest, but that was just the opening act. As of last November, Southwest has introduced Twitter feeds, a Facebook fan page, a Flickr group, and the YouTube Channel. The early adopting company has developed a devoted fan base and continues to engage customers, journalists, and other bloggers in their space.

To learn more about Southwest Airline’s approach to social media, view the Paula Berg interview below.

Online media and social networking sites develop a dialogue and foster an engagement with visitors on a more personal level. In this age of change, companies continue to seek ways to engage their audiences in a meaningful way. Under Paula Berg, emerging media manager, Southwest made an impact on online visitors. Berg shared that the value of this type of communications allows you to speak directly with a diverse customer base.

One audience includes reaching the LGBT audience.

Southwest values its relationship with the LGBT community, as evident through their Web site, targeting the LGBT audience, workplace diversity policy, and community partnerships. Last Tuesday, Southwest partnered with Sweet Caribbean Cruise to offer discount airfare to Sweet deals through 2009.  Ivette will share a Q&A with the CEO of Sweet this month, so stay tuned for that interview!

We’ve discussed the benefits of engaging your audience in a truly authentic way — not only does it heighten brand awareness, it drives business results. Southwest continues innovate its practices by knowing their audience and engaging with them through partnerships, programs, and targeted outreach — including social media. What are your thoughts on how companies are using social media?


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