LAPD Takes a Stand

J0400644 We hold respect for our men in blue, but today, there was a sense of pride for their commitment to progress. Last week, Robert Saltzman, a member of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners posted a blog on

In Saltzman’s blog, he recounts a Saturday morning LAPD Explorer Academy orientation day. The program teaches at-risk youth skills to help improve their communities and relationships. This Explorer Program is administered by a city contractor that subcontracts with the Boy Scouts to administer programs.  The problem – the Boy Scouts position on discrimination does not comply with the city’s non-discrimination laws. The solution – the City Attorney issued an opinion that granted the LAPD to require adoptation of non-discrimination policies to adhere to the City’s law.

Saltzman’s blog gives us an insight into the progress of the LAPD, as well as enforcement offices across the nation. As an organization that seeks to only benefit and protect our communities, policies that support this edict make sense.

Be sure to read Saltzman’s blog.

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