Counting on Hate: GLSEN Launches New SM Counter

Print_Cheerleader Earlier this year, we shared a GLSEN campaign called “ThinkB4YouSpeak.” The campaign seeks to build awareness with students regarding the prevalence of homophobic and derogatory language. In its launch, GLSEN partnered with Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes to create PSAs that drew attention to the issue. So, what’s next?

Over the past few months, GLSEN has developed a slur counter that tracks the total number of the terms “fag,” “dyke,” and “… so gay” on Twitter. Yesterday, there were 862 mentions of the word fag. I love GLSEN’s use of real-time and real uses of hateful language. As of June 2009, there were 200,000 active Twitter users. If these hateful words continue to rise as the number of Twitter users increase, we can only assume that more words of hate will be perpetuated.

Today, nine out of 10 LGBT students report being harassed in school in the last year. If these hateful messages also live online and in greater magnitude, how can we help protect our youth and destroy these harmful, hateful homophobic remarks? Tell us what you think!

Go here to learn more about the ThinkB4YouSpeak Campaign.


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