Relationship-Centric Outreach

Over the past few years, editorial content has begun to take shape on social networks and social platforms. The opinions of everyday people are increasingly more valued and trusted by the general public. But what I’ve seen time and time again is common mistakes to lack of understanding – the first step is to LISTEN.

Social media is rooted in conversation and all conversations start with a nice introduction and a – How are you? So practice social media – how you practice in life? Unless you’re a selfish conversation hog. If that’s the case – stop reading now.

For the rest of us – a successful relationship entails listening and I repeatedly stressed the importance of relationships in Influencer Outreach. Don’t pass someone’s contact information from one person to another, because these relationships are personal.

Be sure to:

• Identify the right people to reach out to

• Respect the influencer

• Act in an authentic and transparent manner

• Conduct outreach for relationship-building, not for sales

What do you define as success when you start a new relationship with online influencers?

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  2. Hey – Thanks! Appreciate your comment! Funny that you found it while surfing for free lyrics – that’s pretty awesome! Keep in touch!

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  4. Hi BBG Communication – Thanks so much for the comment! Appreciate your feedback. Please always feel free to share your thoughts and feedback, or even blog topics.

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  7. Laura,

    In this digital age, listening has become increasingly important. Words on the screen need to be heard, too. With companies’ target audiences participating in important conversations across multiple social media platforms, businesses need to be more receptive than ever.

    Like your point about not passing on contact info., too. Trust is so essential online, and when you couple trust with listening, it’s a winning combo.

    -Chelsea Langevin

  8. Hi Chelsea,

    I absolutely agree! Companies aren’t listening enough before engaging and that only gets them into trouble. Additionally, the mindset many times is to market market market, sell sell sell – but we lose the relationship in all of this. Companies need to remember to bring value to the customer, and that will bring value to the brand.

    Thanks for reading! appreciate your thoughts and insights.


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