A Few of My Favorites (for the week at least)

I have a lot of favorites – favorite people, foods, music, places, and yes – even social media practices and companies. Below are a few of my favorite social media projects … for the week at least.

Salty from Knorr Sidekicks

This campaign was developed by DDB and it’s one of my favorites! Why you ask? What we continue to stress to clients is the need for a more integrated approach to communications. Social media cannot standalone. Rather, we need to build our traditional and digital plans in conjunction with one another. Today, we cannot succeed without collaboration. Check out the video below. Also check out Salty’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

My Starbucks Idea:

Starbucks is on my list of a few favorites, but I’m adding them to the social media list for their My Starbucks Idea. This is a great example of gathering consumer feedback for meaningful use, plus there are social sharing tools for facebook/twitter sharing. Companies that ask for consumers’ ideas and comments have to be ready to take action, based on that feedback. Starbucks has a built a strong reputation as a trusted and responsible brand. I’m optimistic that they’ll take our ideas for good use.

Life In a Day:

YouTube recently announced a partnership with director, Ridley Scott, to develop a documentary created by us – the people of the world! All we have to do is capture footage about our life and send it in. The video will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. This is the first major consumer-generated movie. It goes to the core of social media and voyeuristic appeal that has made reality TV so successful.

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