A Change of Heart

mp900385285.JPGI’ve never been good with change. Accepting it, no. Appreciating it, only after years. And, facing it, not always. At a time in our careers where change is the only constant, I must say – it keeps me on my toes and always has be asking myself “Will what I do today make a difference tomorrow? Will what I do matter at all?”

Someone once told me that you will only give your heart to one company. I equated work and my career to a relationship, one that I invested in and prioritized. After two years of a honeymoon phase, I started to see dramatic changes – ones that I was never prepared for – an economic downturn that shook all of us. I said goodbye to colleagues, projects that I loved, and mentors that I needed in my life. I saw a thriving organization live in fear. After working on integration projects, downsizing and even mergers and acquisitions, I never wanted to live through it. It was my first heartbreak. And as firsts go, one that will never be forgotten. I know, I can be a bit dramatic … just go with it.

Today, someone said to me, “People will come and go.” And I admit, he’s right in every way.  One thing that I can’t let go of though is the fact that when you have the right people, at the right place and time – working on the right client – it’s heaven. That’s what I love. I love that moment when the work we do is incredible and when we’re have pure fun. So yes, people come and go – but when it’s right – cherish that moment. I felt that once, and I hope that I’ll have that feeling again — when the work that I do truly makes a difference in someone’s life. Hope that wait isn’t long.

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