Who says work isn’t fun?

I work with a fun and smart team of social media enthusiasts. So, you can imagine that every day is a full of geeking out and social media puns. In between the laughs and long hours (yes, we do actually work – not just play on Facebook), I get to learn something each and every day. So, here are my top three things for today:

1. Enjoyable moment: Sarah saying “Your HootSuite looks just like my TweetDeck.”
2. Learned what unicode is.
3. Learned how to use unicode to add symbols in Tweets. Not sure how useful it is, but hey – it’s something.
4. There are like HUNDREDS of social media monitoring platforms and services out there!
5. Monitoring isn’t my favorite thing in the world. (Okay not a new one. I learned this after hours and hours and days and weeks and months and years of monitoring for both traditional and online PR hits. It’s only exciting when you see CNN, NYT, AP and major hits come in. After that, it’s just anxiety).

What did you learn at work today?

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