Life in a Day: Contest Update

In July, I shared a few of my favorite social media initiatives, including YouTube’s Life in a Day, a project with Ridley Scott as the executive producer. After a month of being live, the contest received 80,000 submissions! To showcase all of our submissions, YouTube launched a WereAllFan-like gallery that allows us to view and sort videos by tags, both topic specific and geo-tags. Additionally, the site allows us to view video submissions by using a heatmap, comparing and contrasting and even sorting by mood!

There are several things I like about YouTube’s Life in a Day. I love that this documentary will be solely driven by users across the globe. Everyone has a role to play and involvement was high, not only because of the prize, but the opportunity to be a part of something so much larger than yourself. The prize isn’t so bad either! Although not an original concept, I do like WereAllFans, and I also like the presentation of how YouTube showcased everyone’s submissions. I hear there’s more to come, so I’ll continue to share updates, and hopefully share an end of project results report summary.

Did you submit a video for the contest? Tell me about it!

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