More on Social Good

Check out this new infographic that was posted on Mashable. This relates directly to Saturday’s post about how social media can play a role in advocacy and fundraising. What I find most interesting is the percentage of people (per generation) who give, paralleling that with the number of people per generation that are online. Looks like Boomers and Mature Adults still lead the giving trend, but Gen Y is inching toward the 60% mark. Why do you think Gen X numbers are lower?

Also, mobile changed the way in which we give. I remember being at an Alicia Keys concert where she asked us to text a number to give $5 to benefits children in Africa. I felt empowered, I supported her cause and it was easy, so I did it. When the earthquake struck Haiti earlier this year, our mobile phones made it so easy to give that 3 million of us helped raise $32 million. I imagine cause-related organizations will leverage mobile for future giving opportunities. But, for the time being, when was the first time you gave to a charity through your mobile phone?

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