Consumers Demand Cause Marketing

Seems like this week should be dedicated to cause marketing and social media. Today, eMarketer publish results from “2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study” by Cone. I’ve included the tables from eMarketer below, but the over takeaway is that moms and millennials (18 to 24) emphasized the importance of cause marketing. Eighty percent of all those surveyed said cause marketing made them likely to switch brands, and 19% were willing to pay more for a pricier brand that participated in a positive social or environmental cause.

As more and more companies begin to include cause marketing into their overall corporate social responsibility initiatives, it’s important to think about how the cause integrates into their overall CSR strategy and plan. Companies like Starbucks have received accolades for their integrated work. Two questions to ask: does your CSR initiative speak to the company’s brand image? And to the simplest root: does it make sense?

Would a company’s CSR initiative impact your buying decision? Also, what is your company doing in the CSR realm?

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  1. Nice.. Thankyou very much..

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