Put down the pom poms: Not that #SpiritDay

Courtesy of seaofwaves.tumblr.com

Today is #SpiritDay.  I always remembered spirit day as a forced event, where I wore school colors and pretend I cared about winning a football game.

Today is different. Today, I actually do care. Today’s #spiritday is a day for us to take a moment and remember the lives that were lost because of LGBT bulling. Looking at the online conversations over the past 24 hours, it’s incredible to see the response.  1.6 million people joined the Facebook event, 214 articles written, celebrities urged for fan participation, and people all over changed their Facebook profiles and Twitter avatars purple. Even Tumblr changed their background to purple. It’s an important step toward awareness.

I admit, all of the coverage, attention and comradery does make me feel extremely proud. It makes me smile to know that we have a strong community of LGBTQ and allies. But with all this spirit, it’s still not enough.

Just hours ago, a young gay man took his life. AfterEllen reported that lesbians were kicked out of a Baltimore Ravens game and a Raleigh, North Carolina shopping mall. Seriously? Do you not realize (a) the power of the pink dollar, (b) that sporting events are the gathering places of gay ladies, and most importantly, (c) the basics of equal rights is that regardless of race, religion, gender, age, class, and sexual orientation – love is love?

Although I don’t fit into the “sporting” component of our community’s stereotype, I do enjoy retail therapy and demand equal rights. It boggles my mind that people feel they have the right to condemn others, and that this self-righteousness entitles them pure hate. Does it make sense to you?

The reality is – we live in a world where lives are lost senselessly and discrimination runs rampant. When people say to me, “Well, why do you care so much? It’s just a political agenda.” I can’t help but respond, “Well, what do you care about? And who do you have in your life who’s worth living for? To me, it’s not politics. It’s my friends and family.”

I hope you took part in #spiritday today. But more than anything, that you’ll help give hope to teens across the globe each and every day. Tell them, “We love you for being you. The whole you.”

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  1. true and touching
    get going!!!

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