Social media is not…

Social media is not …

  • A stand alone tactic
  • A magic button to get you increased results, impressions or sales
  • Cheap
  • Easy
  • Successful without a strategy
  • Successful without integration
  • A trade for the rigid
  • Marketing
  • PR

Should I keep going?

In my opinion and I know others share my sentiments, social media is a philosophy. It’s a mindset of how we live and share. It’s a lifestyle of transparency and authenticity. It’s the core component of being human, talking to humans and trying to be helpful. It’s about putting people and our customers’ needs first, and our desire to sell latter.

Yes, the term “social media” is about channels, and marketing is a discipline. Thanks Chris Brogan. In the nature of breaking out the word “social,” this requires us to re-think our strategies of integration and collaboration. We’ve talked time and time again about the importance of collaboration (social), and social media forces us to do just that – work together.

Social media by nature means that we can’t worry about the turf war. Instead, we need to think about what assets (from our  company, our brands and divisions) we all have that bring value to our community. Social movements only happen when people (online and offline) work together to achieve a common goal – be a better company with the best products, providing better service for our consumers.

As you go through the growing pains of adopting the social media philosophy, what are your specific key learnings ? Please share!

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  1. Hey Laura; Great post
    I must coment on the posts that are talking about social networking. I can’t help but wonder if any of the younger generation have any social skills beyond the network, texting, cell phones??? Communicating with others face to face is a good way to judge character, honesty of that person or persons, and their ability to give good advice.

    • I agree with you there to an extent – I think our younger generations (me included) have to try a lot harder to find networking opportunities, and push ourselves to grow in that area. It’s easier to not try and do what’s easier – but we don’t benefit from purely online engagement. Thanks for reading!

  2. I live in Saudi Arabia, and most social interactions, especially between people of the opposite gender, are done online.

    With Blackberries, iPhones, and Androids in the market, people are spending more time *in cyberspace* than in *real life* . I don’t know what it is, but it seems like it’s the only thing they know. It’s not surprising to come across individuals that literally do not know how to be the same friendly person they are online when you finally meet them in person.

    I feel that social networking sites have robbed us of many things that make us human. Of course we all have the choice to use it less and it’s all in our hands. However, companies and individuals used social media so well that we are literally HOOKED to staying updated. Everything is moving very fast in this era, and any brand that can’t keep up is easily forgotten.

    From my experience with social media (promoting my personal blog), a fan page isn’t enough, having a friend that has over a 1000 friends isn’t enough either. One needs to do a lot more to stand out from the crowd, and it is REALLY crowded out there. It’s all about how you position yourself in my opinion, and the service you provide to your fans. Competition and prizes have proven to be very effective.

    Let me give you a few examples from Saudi Arabia (you seem very passionate about social media, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate these references):

    Kellog’s Tresor
    Toyota Saudi
    Saudi Most Creative Youth

    Sorry for ranting- loved the post! 🙂

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