Sunday Round-Up: Facebook Tips

It’s Sunday. Oscar night. And it [social media] was the topic of conversation last night at a friend’s engagement party. It’s funny (and ironic) that social settings are always telling of our state of social media adoption. Since there’s nothing that brings me more joy than talking about Mark Zuckerberg on a Saturday night, I took a sip of my non-alcoholic beverage and jumped right into that pool of daggers. These conversations always start off a little rough (for me). I listen, and listen, and listen some more. And what I came to realize was, these casual chats always revolve around three questions:

  1. I don’t see a point in <insert social platform>. It’s just another fad. (okay, not really a question, but for some reason this tiger starts to crouch for a pounce).
  2. I only use it for personal use, how can I use <insert social platform> at my company or in my job?
  3. How do you make <an account, a page, an event, or insert anything here>?

Since these seem to be recurring themes, I thought I’d start doing a Sunday round-up of great tips from pros in the business. This week, we’ll focus on Facebook in honor of The Social Network and its Oscar nominations. Check out the articles below and share your helpful favorites.

Setting Up An Account (How to Facebook 2011, via WeeJee)

How to Set Up a Winning Fan Page (via Mashable)

How to Keep Facebook Fans (via Social Media Today)

How to Tag People for Personal and Business Use (via Mari Smith)

Creating the Perfect Facebook Event (via Social Media Today)

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights (tips on FB measurement via Mashable)

Have you seen any helpful articles? Share them in a comment!

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