Are You Part of a Modern Agency?

How we, as a society, communicate has changed dramatically over the past few years. Our move from traditional means to digital and social media has forced companies and agencies to adjust how what messages we receive, as well as how we receive them.

On this lovely Sunday morning, I saw a really interested Infographic on the Modern Media Agency. Over the past couple of years, I’ve found myself in conversations with colleagues and friends about the need for an agency revolution. To be honest, most of these conversations stemmed from frustrations of partner agencies counseling clients against digital and toward one-way, push canned messaging, PSAs, traditional media releases and yadda yadda. This is all likely due to a lack of understanding and a resistance to the unknown and uncomfortable.

What I like about this infographic is that it shows us the need for integration – both traditional and digital. Without an integrated approach that values both traditional and digital, we will fail. To maintain relevancy and value for our clients and their customers, we need to not ride the wave, but be ahead of it. And worst, we cannot try to fight the current. Check out the infographic and tell me what you think!

via Mashable

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  1. Your post strikes a chord Laura. Do you think the Infographic on the modern media agency is relevant to nonprofits? I ask since I’ve been asked to talk about digital communication to some nonprofits. And like you, I think there is room for a balance of traditional and digital. Maybe we can chat offline. Hope all is well. Gary PS: Saw your other post referencing Rosie the Robot (Jetsons) – I loved the Jetsons – surprised you would know about the show since its first run was before your time!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Great set up!

    Think that, as a general rule, we should definitely implement integrated strategies that leverage the best offline and digital mediums for a brand.

    Think that offline and digital strategies certainly aren’t either-or propositions — despite internal evidence that any one medium connects with a certain audience segment or actual turf wars tied to roles and budget.

    Yet, a brand’s final strategic breakout will likely create a clear imbalance among mediums and further the internal dialogue about levels of integration!

    -Chris Ehrlich

  3. Thanks Chris! Always appreciate your insights!

  4. Great info.

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