Recognize This Facebook Friend? Desperate Marketer

For all you Facebook lovers out there, we know there are specific “types” of people. People we hate more than love, and people who we thought were normal in real life, but turn out to be slightly freaky online. You know who I’m talking about. shared a few great comics on Facebook friends. My favorite one is the Desperate Marketer. When we talk to clients who want a Facebook page, one consistent question we ask is “Will you be a real person?” Well, in this case, it’s more about how authentic of a person you want to be. Self-promotion is a turn off, online and offline. It’s even more dangerous for brands who are seen as self-serving. Therefore, it’s important to provide valuable resources, deals, and relevant content to your audience. Not screaming and hoping someone will listen and like you.

Furthermore, I’m torn when agencies and colleagues want to fan or follow a client’s page, then tell friends to follow the page. For the record, this is not viral (god, even typing that word makes me cringe). Yes, word of mouth has to start somewhere. However, it’s not strategic seeding when you’re telling your network of 250 friends. Nothing strategic about that.

If you’re not a marketer, no worries. has a few other characters you might recognize. Check out all of their great comics. Good stuff to make you laugh (or at least smile)! Happy Hump-Day.






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