What’s So Awesome About Pinterest

Since July, there’s one site that has been added to my daily visit list. That site is Pinterest. I first heard about Pinterest from my career coach (thanks Sarah!). It was an assignment, that turned into a time-sucking lovefest. Before I knew it, not only was using Pinterest to serve as my online vision board, but a place for me find new hobbies. So, what is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social bulletin board that allows you to organize and share things you like and love. At it’s root, it’s a social bookmarking tool that allows you to capture images and links, and organize them like scrap-book pages. I’ve seen several key uses to Pinterest: organizing things you want, craft ideas, recipes, wedding planning and home decorating. It’s fun and whimsical and it’s catapulted in site traffic and value!

Ron Conway (an investor in the site) remarked that Pinterest’s user growth rate is what Facebook’s was five years ago. The site went from 50,000 monthly visitors in December 2010, to 4.4 million monthly visitors in October 2011. What’s it worth? Well, a lot. In early 2011, Pinterest was valued through venture financing at $40m and, most recently, it’s valued around $200m.

So, what’s so awesome about Pinterest? Here’s my top 10 list (in no particular order).

  1. It gives new ideas of crafts, recipes and outfits. It makes a catalog of things I like, love and want. Not only do I now find new things I’m interested in, I also can go back and read postings, buy gifts and make recommendations to friends.
  2. It’s eye candy! Shiny, glittery, glossy beautiful things that feed my hunger. The fact that it is so visually appealing is important. The UX on the site is great. My only harp is on functionality on the iPad. This is naturally a mobile type of platform, but I can never get it to work the way I want on my iPad, with scrolling issues and refreshes.
  3. It’s a time vortex. It’s akin to scrap-booking, but online – and honestly less messy.
  4. It expands my social reach. I find new bloggers, new websites and new stores because of the tool.
  5. It uses decent Facebook integration, allowing me to see what my friends like and have pinned. There’s more opportunity for integration, but at the moment the ability to repost on Facebook is fine.
  6. It feels exclusive, even if it’s not. My cousin today said she hadn’t received an invitation, and when I did, it was like Christmas Day!
  7. Pinterest is a nice audience for testing. For new products, a sneak preview on Pinterest may allow you to gauge interest or needs for revisions.
  8. It helps drive traffic to blogs! For running with highly visual websites, consumer sites, crafts/recipe blogs or other lifestyle sites- Pinterest is a great way to build more traffic and followers. For e-commerce, this allows for the ability to see trending products, data mining and sales.
  9. It provides magazine a great place to drive additional traffic and readership. This is a consumption-focused platform that requires pre-produced content. Content producers and publishers can greatly benefit from new visitors, more traffic and more sales.
  10. It’s an inspiration tool, which is the reason why my career coach recommended it! It allows us to reflect on the things that make us feel calm, quotes that are inspirational and ideas/designs that drive our creativity.

Want to get started? Here’s a nice video tutorial:

What do you use Pinterest for?

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