Latest Reads: Week of March 5

Lots of fun announcements this week, and upcoming next week. Here are a few of my favorite latest reads.

Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages NOW (via Social Savvy Geek by @SocialSavvyGeek)
This week, Facebook announced that they were rolling out Timeline for Brand Pages. If you haven’t seen it, log into your Facebook page and do a preview. Also check out Mashable’s Facebook guide and Facebook’s guide to Pages

Why Should a Social Media MBA Exist and Why the Corporate World Needs to Take Notice (via Neal Schaffer)
I’m happy to see this article  by Neal Schaffer from Windmill Networking about the importance and introduction of social media in university settings. A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Food & Agricultural Communications Symposium, working with students on social media execution for a live event, that was also live streamed. It was amazing to see their lightbulb moment as they saw the value of social media (a personal engagement tool). For a follow-up to Schaffer’s Feb. article, check out Part 2: How Social Media is Introduced in Universities.

The Rapid Rise of Pinterest’s Blockbuster User Engagement [Infographic]  (via Mashable)
I continue to call Pinterest a time vortex, and looking at the recent infographic on Pinterest’s adoption, I’m not the only one. For any site owner, time on site of HUGE importance, but as we look at not only Pinterest’s unique visitors (nearly 12 million in January 2012), we see continued trending on time on site. Ninety-seven minutes and 48 seconds per user. Pretty incredible! Now, I’d like to see original posting numbers, engagement and transactions! 

Beyond Tools, Marketers Must Focus on Content (Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter)
I always appreciate content from Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li. So many times, marketing forgets the meaning behind compelling content. Content becomes a machine-like process, where we develop something brochure-like and boring, and the distribution is through processes we’re comfortable with rather than distribution channels that our readership prefers. Check out the post and corresponding slide deck.

8 Useful and Easy Video Editing Tools (Small Business Trends)
I was looking for an easy and quick video editing software last week and landed on this site. 

That’s it for me! Send suggestions if you’d like to be included.


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