Latest Reads: Week of June 4

It’s the start of the summer, and I’ve failed miserably at keeping up with my blog. To pretend to make up for it, here are some of my favorite articles from the past week.

Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook (AdAge)
I agree with B.L. Ochman’s comments here that Twitter is a better brand platform for Facebook. For brands that are just getting a start in social or even those that hopped on the bandwagon years ago, Twitter brings with it more flexibility, moderation control, and natural audience behaviors that Facebook just can’t give. Connectivity on Twitter constantly shifts between one to many to one to one, where as Facebook makes it difficult to have a one-on-one connection. It’s almost like having a conversation in a crowded party. It gets hard to hear what the other person is saying. buying Buddy Media in $689 million deal to boost social-media marketing (Washington Post)
You might be saying, who the hell is Buddy Media and why do I care?  Well, maybe you’re right. But for SalesForce customers, this means a nice comprehensive package for social media. It’s like a nice phone, cable and wireless internet service – but better (at least a girl can hope).

Buddy Media founder and CEO Michael Lazerow says, “The idea behind the deal is simple. By combining Buddy Media with the rest of’s products, including Salesforce Radian6, the leading social media listening platform, we will be able to deliver the first comprehensive Marketing Cloud that will allow customers to listen, engage, gain insight, publish, advertise and measure social marketing programs.”

4 Tips to Build an Irresistible App (via @MindaZetlin)
In this post, founder of Catalog Spree, one of the highest-rated shopping iPad apps, answers questions about what makes an awesome app. I completely agree – and stress that app builders need to focus on the first point: understanding the user. It’s easy to get distracted with flashy, shiny apps – but what your users want, how they want it delivered, how their user-experience feels and what value your content brings to them are all questions you need to ask. We lose sight of that so often, yet it’s the most important question to ask: “For who & what?”

6 Social Media Networks to Watch in 2012 [Plus Infographics] (via @JeffBullas)
We all know I love infographics, so here are 6. I don’t think these are going to be new and surprising, but I think it’s a good refresher for those who are still trying to get up to speed on social media adoption and usage. Always something nice to share with these.

Facebook IPO: Can Facebook Beat the Google Display Network in Online Advertising?
There’s been a lot of buzz around Facebook’s IPO and GM’s pull away from Facebook. All the questions lead to if Facebook works. Check out this infographic comparing Google Display Network with Facebook, and who wins out!


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