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Be Still: What has the information age done to us?

This weekend, I was catching up on my reading when I found this Website – Do Nothing for 2 Minutes – on Mashable. The serene sounds of the ocean waves and the challenge to do nothing for two whole minutes was actually a little unbearable. To just sit at a computer and not do anything while there. So, I decided to blog instead.

I’m guilty of it. I multi-task, I’m wired and I’m constantly counting my minutes of productivity. To tell you the truth, I’ve gotten better, but I fear this will be a battle for the next 20, 30, 40+ years of my life. This test shows us all that we’re constantly inundated with information and the need to be needed. The ping of our phones when we get a text message, email alert, Facebook post or Tweet. They please our need for affirmation. 

So, as you approach midweek, take a second or maybe 60 and just breathe. I’ll do the same.

About Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

The website was created by Alex Tew and Ben Dowling. Alex is the maker of The Million Dollar Homepage, a hit that raised more than $1 million to pay for his education.


Enough About Me …

It’s coming toward the end of the year, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to ask you all – what would you like to me to post about or talk about in the next few months? As I start looking at posts for 2011, I want to be sure I’m including everyone’s thoughts and feedback as best I can, or at least talking about what you want to read. So please, lend me your thoughts/words. Just doesn’t have the same ring as “lend me your ears” does it?

And thank you everyone for your comments on the “I’m Sick of Experts” post. Big thanks to WordPress for including me in Freshly Pressed. It made my day, weekend, week! You all are so wonderful and thank you for reading the blog.

Because it’s Friday … almost

Opening Doors to the HIV/AIDS Conversation

Travel Last Friday, we celebrated the end of a 22-year legislation that prevented HIV-positive people from entering the United States. President Obama announced the elimination of this ban at a signing ceremony for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act.

The United States is one of only a dozen counties that still bars entry to people living with HIV. This action by the administration tears down the stigma of the disease, opening new doors for communicating prevention and treatment. HIV/AIDS is a global issue and one that we must think about in that way. In order to combat this epidemic, the U.S. finally is taking a major step in elevating this very important conversation.

Physicians for Human Rights CEO Frank Donaghue said, “Today is a great day for human rights and for people living with AIDS, their friends and their families … The HIV Travel Ban made the United States a pariah in human rights circles, and harmed our reputation as a world leader of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care.”

Additionally, President Obama also signed a legislation to extend federally funded HIV/AIDS treatment for thousands of underinsured low-income Americans, including a focus on minorities.

What do you think this legislation means for the LGBT community?

Originally Posted: Nov 2, 2009

Chiefs Player Tweets Too Much

J0407434 The leaves are changing colors and the sound of cheering rings in the air. Yes, it’s football season. For those like myself who are football widows, Sundays become a day of refuge and, well, errands. However, last Sunday I came across an alarming and very local, football story that did catch my eye.

Though the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t known for their athletic prowess and they aren’t regularly seen on national news or glossy covers, one Chief’s player did make major headlines for something else. Chief’s running back, Larry Johnson, posted a few negative comments about his coach and inflammatory remarks about gays via Twitter. Now, I could jump in and talk about the importance of an online governance plan, but I’ll save that for later.

Johnson not only used gay slurs online, he also made another derogatory comment to reporters, after refusing to speak with them. Let’s just say, it was the other F word. For those Kansas Citians, Johnson’s outburst doesn’t really come as a surprise. However, his discriminatory statements are unnecessary, inexcusable and unforgiveable.

Day in and day out, we stress the importance of communications and their role in perpetuating negative stereotypes. Social media allows such ignorance to survive. With so many voices and messages, social media also has the power to positively impact many with just over 100 characters. It is our responsibility to ensure these social media platforms are utilized in a respectful way.

Furthermore, for local media covering the story, please don’t forget about his anti-gay messages. This is more than just a story about an upset player talking negatively about his coach. Media has a responsibility to report the news, giving readers/viewers the whole story. Lack of media representation continues to be a challenge for the LGBT community, and this is another example of needed progress.

For more information, check out GLAAD’s call for the NFL to speak out against Johnson. One quick update, as of this morning, Johnson has been suspended for two weeks.

Originally Posted: Oct. 28, 2009