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Latest Reads: Week of March 26

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What a beautiful weekend! I had a great time visiting with old friends and colleagues, and seeing family in Kansas City! Now, it’s Monday and back to reality. To help make your morning coffee a little easy breezy, here a few of my favorite reads from the past week. [Sorry apparently this didn’t publish this morning, #fail]

Pinterest Updates Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (via Mashable)
As you’ve probably heard, Pinterest is updating its TOS and Privacy Policy. So what does this mean? Well, my quick translation is: “Dear Pinterest users, we’re trying to make life simple, so (a) we’re not trying to make money off you, (b) you need to keep it Twilight PG-13, (c) you can pin all your secrets privately, and oh, by the way, we’re up the API soon! Yay! Sincerely, your favorite time-suck, Pinterest.” 

The Rise Of The Explainer Video (by TechCrunch)
Overview videos are a great way to share your visual/audio elevator speech! If you can’t explain how your product works in a brief video, you have bigger problems. Also, we spend a lot of time talking around things, but overview videos give you a step-by-step look at how something works, making it immediately actionable. Who doesn’t want that? 

Clever App Finally Cracks the Code for Facebook Dating (via Mashable)
If you saw the latest infographic on online dating [Does Online Dating Work], you know that survey results state 27% of couples say they met through mutual friends, and 38% through work or school. So, it may not be a surprise to you that Huffington Post alumni Rob Fishman and Jeff Revesz launched a matchmaking app for Facebook this week designed to help you meet your friends’ single friends. Genius or just creepy? Guess you’ll have to see for yourself!  

Five Ways to Optimize Video for Search Engines (via Entreprenuer)
Search is not dead, even though sometimes we seem to forget about it! Here are some great ways to optimize videos for search engines. These are great tangible and quick tips that really can make a difference in video views. Let me know how it works for you! 

7 Best Interactive YouTube Videos
I love an me an interactive YouTube video! Check out these videos, enjoy and let me know which one is your favorite.

How Tech and Social Media Are Changing Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]
Sticking with the theme to share an infographic each week, here’s this week’s infographic on how social media and technology have changed how to plan for, document and catalog our travels!


Life in a Day: Contest Update

In July, I shared a few of my favorite social media initiatives, including YouTube’s Life in a Day, a project with Ridley Scott as the executive producer. After a month of being live, the contest received 80,000 submissions! To showcase all of our submissions, YouTube launched a WereAllFan-like gallery that allows us to view and sort videos by tags, both topic specific and geo-tags. Additionally, the site allows us to view video submissions by using a heatmap, comparing and contrasting and even sorting by mood!

There are several things I like about YouTube’s Life in a Day. I love that this documentary will be solely driven by users across the globe. Everyone has a role to play and involvement was high, not only because of the prize, but the opportunity to be a part of something so much larger than yourself. The prize isn’t so bad either! Although not an original concept, I do like WereAllFans, and I also like the presentation of how YouTube showcased everyone’s submissions. I hear there’s more to come, so I’ll continue to share updates, and hopefully share an end of project results report summary.

Did you submit a video for the contest? Tell me about it!